Wake Co. School Info

I am new to Wake County public schools. Where do I start? 


What special education services are available in WCPSS? 


Which schools have which self-contained/special education classrooms, if my child’s needs are best served in a special ed classroom? (WCPSS calls these “regional programs”.) Link to WCPSS Schools 2017-2018 Special Education regional programs: 


What the heck are all these TLA’s (“three letter acronyms”) and what do they mean?! Click here for terms used in our schools: 


Help me understand how school assignment works in WCPSS:  


I need to speak to someone in WCPSS. Who do I contact if my school has not been able to help me?

Call the Family and Community Connections team at (919) 431-7334 or click here to write to them online: https://www.wcpss.net/Page/20617

Where can I learn about my rights as a parent? 




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